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Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku
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■Ladies rooms opened!

[IMAGE]Ladies rooms opened!

Special floor for ladies. (Non-smoking for all the rooms)

The security gate is exclusive for ladies only to have a safe stay.

(need a special key to enter)

The simple and chic tone designed rooms make you feel comfortable.

Available for a business or a private trip.Singles are welcome.

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■Natural Taste Buffet restaurant AKEBINOMI opened!

We order fresh vegetables and fish directly from the source,and cook them making the most of their own taste. Inside the restaurant it is bright and spacious,so you can feel relaxed,and also enjoy watching our chefs cook your food. (Open kitchen)

Please enjoy healthy and tasty dishes in our new buffet style restaurant!

■Hotel renewal

[IMAGE]Hotel renewal

September 11th,2008 Tokyo Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku renewal opened.

We changed the spelling from kanji to katakana letters so that it was easier for people to read and memorize the name.

Our concept is “Make yourself at home”

Our staff takes pride in giving you heartful hospitality to make your stay comfortable.

Guest rooms are decorated with Japanese taste you can feel warmth of wood.

Restaurant also renewal opened as a buffet restaurant.

We’ve pursued health,ecology,and the delightful way to choose the dishes.

Welcome to our hotel which has been renewal opened in autumn.

We appreciate your continued business.Let us know what we can do to make your stay wonderful!

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Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku
2-9 Awaji-cho,Kanda,
Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan
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